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Here you will find every song ever released by Toso

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Released 12/19/2011 "Music for Stoners" was the official music debut for Toso. Weeks after breaking both of his wrists playing basketball, Toso began writing music to cope with the pain. These songs would eventually turn into his first mixtape. Mixed, mastered and recorded all by himself in his college dorm room, this musical piece is as raw as it gets. 15 tracks of pure emotion and authentic expression.


On 10/01/2012 Toso released his second mixtape titled "Vben Dieseled". There had been a lot of speculation as to what the title meant, but in his own words Toso described,

"One night after shooting a music video with my videographer Corey Lutkus, we were in my room looking over footage and smoking weed. That night we were smoking  New York Sour Diesel, which at the time was very strong for us. Out of nowhere Corey blurted out "Woah man, I've been dieseled" describing how high he was at the moment. Instantly noticing how dope that statement sounded I replied "Thats going to be the name of my next mixtape". The rest was history   

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Toso's 3rd mixtape "The Seventh Letter" was released 11/28/2013 and is to this date his favorite mixtape. This mixtape marks the turning point in Toso's musical journey. It was after he released this project that he realized music was much more than a hobby. With his skills quickly progressing, Toso decided that he would pursue a career in the music industry from that day forward.


Almost 2 years after releasing "The Seventh Letter" Toso released his 4th mixtape "Genesis"on 8/24/2015. During his hiatus Toso was graduating college, transitioning to the working world and moving back home to Rhode Island. A couple of months after moving home he started to work with local producers and engineers to create this project. 

During his little hiatus, toso also started to become awoken and started learning about sacred geometry. The symbol on the cover of this mixtape is called "The Flower of Life". 

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On 10/4/2016 Toso released his first single on streaming platforms; marking the beginning of his professional career. Although the money and notariaty would come much later, this was a big moment in the Toso's musical journey. 

In the summer of 2016, Toso left Rhode Island and moved to California in hopes of furthering his musical career. This single was recorded in San Diego and features local singer, Mixxedboy. 


This EP was released by Toso on 10/24/2017 and features 4 tracks. Continuing to find his sound, Toso released this project in the hopes of staying relevant with his current fan base. Just getting use to life in Los Angeles, this EP was released during a time of transition for Toso.

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On 9/10/2018 Toso released this compilation mixtape. It was complied of songs he made during the two year span of living in Rhode Island and transitioning to Los Angeles.


The second single released by Toso on all streaming platforms was titled "Can't Stop Me" and was released on 4/9/2019. Originally recorded to be on "The Prophecy" album this song didn't make the cut. However, wanting to provide his fans with content before his upcoming album, Toso decided to take this throw-away song and release it as a single.



Toso's debut album "The Prophecy" was released on 10/30/2019; after almost 2 years of preparation. With 13 tracks of pure fire, Toso delivered a pleasant surprise to all his fans and naysayers. Progressing tremendously from his previous projects "The Prophecy" is filled with deep lyrical content, smooth melodies and a steadily changing flow. Funding the project on his own, Toso stepped up his level of recording and production for this album as well. 

From the music videos, to the album cover and the marketing plan; Toso was at the helm taking charge. This album is what he likes to call his "life's work". Tracks like "The Best" show how much effort was put into this album with features from both of his parents. After releasing this project, Toso began to receive more notoriety than ever before, which is what lead him to his next project. 


After "The Prophecy", racial riots and a Covid struck 2020; Toso released "Black Hearts" on 10/29/2020. This 11 track mixtape was a spur of the moment idea and was sparked by his love for the current music he was listening to. If you listen carefully you will see that Toso's beat selection and flows were heavily influenced by Future and Money Man. 

Toso was able to shoot 2 music videos for this mixtape, one being shot in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

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With buzz starting to pick back up after dropping his latest mixtape, Toso released "Life of Sin" on 12/4/2020 with the help of a music manager. This 4 track EP was debuted live in Los Angeles when Toso opened up for MBNel.

This mixtape marked another progression in his music career because he was able to start finding his "voice". Tracks like "Time is Tickin'" and "Know Your Limits" were prime examples of what was to come in his music career. 


"Been High" is a single that was released on 2/17/21 while Toso was back home visiting Rhode Island. In anticipation for his next album, Toso wanted to keep his fans entertained so he released this single along with a stunning visualizer.

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4/20/2021 was the day Toso released "7ROPHET" upon the world. This 7 track album was a very spur of the idea and took only 2 weeks to conjure. 

Previously while in Rhode Island, Toso had been thinking about dropping an album. He even went as far as to get features from fellow rappers Elicit Vibes, Von Suave and Cash Kasta. He was ready to drop his project but felt that he could do better. 

Ina span of 3 days he sat in his room and wrote out the 7 songs that were featured on this album. Tracks like "IN MY SLEEP" and "7 RINGS" provided great insight into the growth that was put on display for this album. Flawless melodies and seamless  flows are the perfect adjectives to describe this musical piece. 

On youtube you can find music videos to "GOAT" and "WISH YOU WOULD". Gaining high praise from this album, Toso looks to continue his momentum as he starts the writing process for his next project. 


Originally intended to be on his album "XXXodus", Toso decided to release "Essence on Me" as a single on October 1, 2021. With its special sound and unique flow, this songs embodies the musical journey Toso is currently embarking on. Sonically pleasing, this record sounds like an art piece that will stand the test of time.

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Released January 7th, 2022; this 11 track album was 1 year in the making. Combining 3 tracks from his previous album '7ROPHET" (7 Rings, In My Sleep and Slow Down) with 8 new tracks that were recorded over the course of 2021; Toso was able to compile a deluxe album for his fans enjoyment. 

Stepping it up a notch from previous releases, Toso was able to get features from VonSuave, Cash Kasta, Elicit Vibes and William Morse, who played the electric guitar on "Dreams". Toso was also able to get a specially produced record by Taysty Beats and rapper "Caskey". 

With this 3rd album release Toso was quoted saying "The hunger is just getting stronger, expect a lot more". 


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